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Fact is, Tim claimed to have the original dibbuk box of which he brought in the house and even gave a little history on. My mother had red hair, and wore it up, kind of like a beehive. So, empty recitations of psalms are useless and meaningless. It is a gorgeous mansion but i believe it could definately be haunted by spirits! We are only allowed to take a certain number of people on that floor, but I have given tons of tours up there, and we definitely comply with the fire code. Think of the technology they had for that era! On the hallway walls, the picture of the little girl and the cat’s eyes moved!! There is much to do here on the site, so much information I need to get back up! We watched the live footage as Tim answered his cell phone; ultimately our phone call to him, and then completely ignored our plea about the dangers of what he was doing, and the affect it was having on Tony. Interestingly enough, it is not available to all members of the Congdon family–only certain ones. Saw an orb come down the stairs to the left of the doll. One fine day everything was dilapidated because of one boy. Others have seen two girls in the basement, and also a housekeeper. I will pray for you and your child. On another note, yes, we watched the conjuring the night it was first released. Well, These Are very weird storys but I know the real one. Personal anecdote aside, let's get to the meat on the bones, shall we? And yes, during the months of September and October, they do tours and bookings for investigations. Her mother, her illegal husbands (Wally Hagen) wife and whoever/ whatever died as a result of her arson. The house was very progressive for it’s time – it has a central vacuum system,lights that change color,recessed lighting and intercoms.

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It was Anne’s (my instructer) birthday party and she wasnt sure why her friend (the nurse) hadnt shown up yet. Iknow it that that place is haunted! I can remember Tony sitting next to me in commenting throughout the movie, write it now creative writing software sort of under his breath,” that happened to me”,” and that happen to me”. I had never heard about the murders until after the tour while reading the book about it later that day. I found that odd since I haven’t ever been suspected in anyone’s death at all. If and when we get more escapes, we’ll have even more tours on those floors. I just used a voice box app and I had never heard of the Sallie house or the voice box inventer but it said Frank was at home with sally. Others choose not to talk about the event out of respect for the Congdons, but may relay basic details if asked. So, as my interest in “The Harpy” episode is piqued within the first few minutes of watching, my cable connection becomes lost, & the TV screen goes black. I got an even funnier look from her after telling her, and she just went back to her cleaning. Hi! I just widh to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great information you have got right here on this post. And you have a GREAT memory–I’m impressed! My answer to your daughter’s question is because it was inferred, by the first psychic that visited the house, that Sallie was there to protect the baby; that she wouldn’t do anything to harm him. She knew a little about them but did have the name of the murderer incorrect as she named Wally Hagen, who was infact, Marjorie’s third husband. Sallie house is one of many places we investigate and yes we have our own style. Here are the details: Elisabeth Congdon was murdered during the early morning of June 27, 1977; she was 83 and partly paralyzed. If you can go there to admire the beauty of the place and focus on that, you are in for a treat. Chester and Clara had seven children. I then felt like my hair was being moved (just slightly enough to make me think I was laying on it) so I pulled my hair out from under my head and layed it back on my pillow. To set the record straight–the third floor and attic were off limits for years strictly due to fire code/regulations. Roger Caldwell was convicted of the crimes. Now, I run up and down the stairs from the third floor to the basement and it is just home.

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Next take text from voicemail and take several hundred responses from people that responded to your post card and put it all into one master plan or book to go to an investor.... Because if you haven’t, i might be able to help. It is the same family is’nt it ? I couldn’t agree more, Summoning demons is bringing pure evil down upon not only yourself and your loved ones, but other who get in the way of what they want to accomplish. The American Haunted attraction has recently begun to be exported elsewhere, from the early 2000s, with theme parks playing a major role in globalizing the holiday as they often have an international presence.[69] The clearest examples are Universal Studios, which has exported its Halloween Horror Nights to its parks in Singapore (2011) and Japan (2012), and Six Flags, which has begun celebrating its Fright Fest at its locations in Mexico and Canada. In 1991, suspicious fires broke out in her neighborhood in Ajo, Ariz., and she was convicted again of arson. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, perhaps not. I don’t remeber which floor it was but that I thought was the brightest room in all that my boyfriend and I’ve been in. The maze is created by using cornstalks and forming paths for people to walk through. I worked there for three years and never saw a thing. Taking the tour is a bit expensive, but it gives us a chance to see how the “other half” lived. There’s nothing and no one there. Sealed and trapped in the library. The fireplace in done in her school colors. There seems to be a definite attachment that remains with hauntings like this; no matter where you go. The whole time I had an eery feeling and felt cold in some rooms. He took allot of her jewlery and left.

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Are any of you aware of the fact that there was also another murder at Glensheen? I will keep an eye on AtchisonParanormal’s FB page. Or that departed souls can stay around to resolve some unfinished problem or to avenge their death. Of all the posts on this page, there are about 2 or 3 that are actually worth reading. Haunted attractions can be categorized as follows: mega-haunt, professional haunt, charity haunt and home haunt. But he did get walk the whole house and see things that those on the tour dont get to see. I had high expectations and Justice League didn't let me down.


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