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I don't want to resort to unnecessary fights which i can do but don't want to ... The banker is asking me to provide Deed of Declaration. This judgment essentially hinges on a very limiting interpretation of the word 'garage' in the MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act). If you’re a limited cost trader this means that you may pay more VAT than you do on standard accounting – you may want to check to make sure the Flat Rate Scheme is still right for you. You receive a payment for £10,000 on 1 December 2016 for services which are to be performed in February 2017, March 2017, April 2017 and May 2017. Meanwhile I want to know, whether I can sell the flat? The verbal reason being told that, “Someone threw stone from the terrace which broke the glass of a car which was parked outside of the society”. Here is the most recent article featured on about this exciting and innovative project: Call it the journey of a lifetime. Paying too little could mean that you are faced with an unexpected VAT bill at a later date. From 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 it can use 15.5% if there are no changes to the business during this time. You can apply by post, phone or email, section 5 gives full details. Flat owner of Flat 09 in our society has carried out internal renewable works in his flat without seeking permission from society . Yes. If the only VAT to be accounted for is the VAT calculated under the Flat Rate Scheme, just record that in the VAT payable portion of your VAT account. If you include items that are not part of the turnover, custom writing solution you will pay too much VAT. Please Give me correct guide lines what to do, whether i can use this property or not. He has formally given us a permission to form a committee and look after the building affairs, but he is not doing anything for registration, he even went on to state that “SOCIETY REGISTRATION SHALL BE ON HIS SOLE WILL, IF HE DECIDES THEN ONLY THE SOCIETY CAN BE REGISTERED, HE EVEN CHALLENGED THE VISITING MEMBERS TO GO TO COURT”. Provide a brief explanation for your request, if your intent is not explicitly clear, and supply any additional information that the recipient might need to fulfill your request.

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You can imagine inplace of car somebody’s head injures or somebody jumbs from the top!!!! For both VAT and Income Tax purposes, there is a requirement to keep a record of sales and purchases. A business with a quarterly return ending 30 April 2017 has a turnover of £9,000 and relevant goods of £240. Do this in the way described in paragraph 4.8. The Managing Committee charged me Rs 450/- as Non Occupancy charges. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. These parts are indicated by being placed in a box as in this example. Barristers on the Flat Rate Scheme whose chambers use method 3 must ensure that the nominated member does not claim input tax on their behalf. From 1 April 2017 the flat rate changes if you’re a limited cost business. The team of secretaries have decided to lock the common terrace all of a sudden without even informing or notifying in anyway to the society members. Chambers choosing to use the adaptation of method 3 explained in paragraph 13.1, must ensure that barristers do not claim input tax while they use the scheme. Kindly let me know who am I suppose to get the permeation and the law regards to that. A business becomes liable to be registered for VAT on 1 March 2009 but HMRC does not become aware of this liability until 1 June 2010. With education, health care and small business marketing as her core interests, creative writing and english literature M.T. You would use these rates if you’re not a limited cost business, see paragraph 4.4. I have a flat at first floor. The ground floor occupant has built a shed in front of his flat. This will usually be the value shown on your sales invoice. If the taxi part of the business expects to generate turnover of £40,000 (including VAT) in the next year, and the car repair part of the business expects to generate turnover (including VAT) of £15,000 in the next year, the business should apply the flat rate percentage for a taxi business to the total VAT inclusive turnover for both parts of the business.

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Can society take any action against the member ?. Hunters also used sections as one-man boats just large enough for one person and a compact retriever. We need your telephone number so your lawyer can easily contact you to discuss your legal issue. For details of eligibility to join a group see VAT Notice 700/2: group and divisional registration. If your business has been associated in this way with another in the last 2 years, but is not associated at the time you apply, HMRC can let you use the scheme if they agree in writing that your former association is not a risk to the revenue. They’re a limited cost business and so use the flat rate of 16.5% from that date. Postal applications should be sent to the National Registration Unit. The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, 1970. Surprisingly many of the residents do not want to park their vehicle in their portico and they prefer to park vehicles (4 wheelers) on roads causing lot of inconvenience to the other owners. Your customers will treat these as normal VAT invoices. Has he got right to attend the meetings, give complaints of staircase light not working, no water supply for past 3-4 days. Under what law new bye laws have to be adopted by 30/4/2013? Please send questions or correspondence to the VAT helpline, not to the email. In society formation, which are not the common charges for flat maintenance to be considered so that you there will be uniformity for 1, 2 & 3 BHK?

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The first calculation will be from the beginning of the period to the day before the start date for the new flat rate and the other from the start date to the end of the period. Every now and then SC wakes up to the predicament of the common people and comes out with such rulings.How many genuine flat buyers who puts their hard earned money into the purchase know that how the builders are calculating the area of the premises they are selling? Dear Sir. I stay I ln a housing society in Mumbai. To work out your flat rate turnover, you then add to your takings any other items of income your business receives, always help others essay including those from outside the retail environment. Paragraph 12.8 explains circumstances in which you may be able to recover additional input tax when you leave the scheme if your stock of standard-rated items has increased. The society is not formed yet. Some of the members are saying that the commercials are not allowed to park the car in the parking lot and builder also denied to allot any parking lot. You apply to join the Flat Rate Scheme using form VAT600FRS. You will receive a link to create a new password. It is important to get this right.


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